Becky Y.

Gabrielle is simply the BEST. Though getting Keratin done takes FOREVER, Gabi makes the time pass in the blink of an eye! She's funny, energetic, and so so sweet. She's literally the only hairstylist I've ever had that actually listens when I say I don't want more than half an inch cut off and doesn't scold me and say "well, more needs to come off", she just says "Girl, I totally understand" and gives you an actual TRIM. Go to Gabi, you will never regret it.

Robin B.

Gabrielle is wonderful - she's intuitive, kind, and so very skilled in her craft. When I first started going to her, I laughingly told her (but I was serious!) that I am really bad at styling my own hair. So Gabrielle cut it in a way that enables me to do my own hair - which is a miraculous achievement.

Christine F.

Gabrielle finds joy in her profession and brings that extra something to her services. Her keratin treatment is impeccably applied and lasts the full 6 months for my hair. The time I save not straightening my hair has added years to my life. :-) my hair is beautiful.